About us

Line Bit System Ltd

The company has many years of experience in the field of protection and CCTV systems.

We offers our services for government customers, local municipalities, security agencies and commercial clients in the country and abroad.

In the company 3 divisions:

  • Safe City
  • Protection Systems
  • Street Lighting

About Our Divisions:

Safe City:

  • Urban communication systems including Wi-Fi , cellular and secure land line
  • Urban layout camera system including the establishment of a command control center.
  • Protection systems and access control for municipal facilities and educational institutions.
  • Integration between systems and between the low enforcement and the response teams.

Protection systems to commercial companies and organizations:

  • Protection nationwide to all company facilities
  • Access control and management of all company facilities
  • Remote viewing systems and the establishment of a unified control center for all company facilities

Advanced street lighting LED technology:

  • Replacement of lighting fixtures in the urban space and cost effective smart lighting Led.
  • The technology that is used is the world leader and produces on significant savings in electricity consumption of customers and on the other provides stunning lighting quality and uncompromising.